The last time when the world at large was really threatened was in the Age of Darkness 264 ago, when the evil god Sarvorath stole the Book of the Dead from Bael and used it to raise millions of undead all over Myrndur. With his overwhelming army of undead he began his conquest of Korthas. The banner of Sarvorath, a blood-red banner with a black skull in a circle of black thorns, was carried by thousands upon thousands of men, monsters and undead.
Hundreds of thousands perished in the war which has become known as the Dark One’s Conquest, and not since the Drakennath had the world seen such destruction and mayhem. Sarvorath and his forces showed no mercy. Nations burned and after each battle Sarvorath’s armies grew with the fallen. For almost a hundred years, Sarvorath ruled The Empire of the Black Skull from the Throne of Skulls in his dark citadel – Ocrulthuum.
Sarvorath was eventually vanquished by an aratheël by the name of Auluras Amathane, ending the Age of Darkness. But unbeknownst to most, Sarvorath had bound parts of his soul to a set of black crystal masks, in case such a scenario would come to pass, and through his Mask Bearers Sarvorath lives on.


It is the Age of Amathane’s Dawn, an age of peace and new beginnings. 138 years have passed since Auluras Amathane vanquished Sarvorath and brought an end to the Age of Darkness. Nations have rebuilt and the church of Auluras has blossomed. The Dawnbringer is worshipped throughout Myrndur, venerated for saving the world, and his church, dedicated to rooting out evil wherever it is found, is continously gaining more followers. But darkness cannot be vanquished completely, and many threats still loom over the world. Dragons, demons, villains, and even gods, want to see an end to the current peaceful state of the world, and things might be about to change…



Mystworld: Realms of Myrndur